2016 University Partnerships -- Project Medishare for Haiti

Benefiting: Project Medishare
Hosted by:Project Medishare
January 31, 2017 at 12:00am

Campaign Details

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We are pleased to have your team volunteer with us in Haiti. You will soon be working side by side with our team of Haitian doctors, nurses and community health workers, providing essential health services to rural communities. As a Project Medishare volunteer, you will help us build strong, healthy communities, and a more sustainable healthcare system in Haiti.

As part of our University Partnership Program, we require that your team cover the travel, logistic and other expenses related to your trip. This ensures that we keep funding available to operate our programs. There are three ways to submit the fees for your team’s trip:

  1. Each person on your team can create a fundraising page, and invite their friends and family to help raise the funds. Click ‘Become a Fundraiser’ above to get started.
  2. Your team lead or university can submit an online donation on behalf of the team. Click ‘Donate’ above and submit the required information.
  3. Your team lead or university can send a check payable to Project Medishare for Haiti to: P.O. Box 381208, Miami, FL 33238-1208.

Any amount you donate or raise above your team’s volunteer expenses will support Project Medishare’s work in Haiti, like treating children with severe malnutrition, ensuring pregnant women receive prenatal care and providing rural communities with access to clean water. 


Ready to create your own fundraising page for your team?

1. Click 'Become a Fundraiser' above. 

2. Set your fundraising goal and personalize your page to tell people why you are fundraising .

3. Lead by example and be your own first donor. 

4. Call, email or meet up for coffee with friends and family and ask for their support to reach your goal.

5. Share you page via social media and encourage your followers to donate and/or share. 


Thank you in advance for all your hard work in Haiti. Thank you for making a difference!

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