Wound Care Program

Benefiting: Project Medishare
Hosted by:Judy Coster

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The Wound Care Program at Hospital Bernard Mevs in Port-au-Prince is an extension of the amazing effort made at Project Medishare’s field hospital following Haiti’s 2010 earthquake. When the field hospital moved, so did its outstanding wound care program, and it continues today.

Dr. John MacDonald was on the ground in Haiti just days after the earthquake, putting together the pieces of a comprehensive wound program one by one. In September 2011, Dr. MacDonald became medical director of the program at Hospital Bernard Mevs. He put together an all Haitian staff of nurses, technicians, and physicians who together run the ONLY comprehensive wound care center in Haiti.

Dr. MacDonald is assisted by Judy Coster RN CWCN, who acts as nurse educator and volunteer coordinator. They travel to Haiti monthly to oversee the program by continuing education, monitoring expenses, and supporting their staff.

Goals: “The first is to establish a sustainable program that addresses the most basic needs of the patients we are able to treat,” Dr. MacDonald says. “The second includes training Haitian clinicians in the fundamentals of wound care. Lastly, we would like to see the program become a global resource for academic clinical training and research.”

Today the clinic sees more than 500 patients per week! The program includes mentoring and physician support in the areas of trauma wounds, DM foot care, general podiatry, pressure injury, infectious wounds, amputations, dermatology, vascular wounds and more! The program includes education and internships for nurses interested in wound care. Our staff are paid a fair wage and patients are charged a minimal fee for care. 


Ways You Can Help

  • Volunteer wound care nurses and physicians encouraged
  • Donations of supplies welcome
  • Financial support essential

Program at a Glance
 Started at the PM field hospital after 2010 earthquake

 The ONLY wound care center in Haiti

 Clinic see 500 patients per week

 Clinic run by an all Haitian staff

 Training program for nurses and physicians

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