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Providing Lifesaving Surgery to Children and Adults in Need

Hydrocephalus, also known as “water on the brain”, is a buildup of fluid inside the skull, which left untreated leads to severe pressure on the brain, and can halt development in babies at a time when their growth is critical for survival. It is fatal for 60 percent of children, making hydrocephalus one of the most common, treatable causes of neurological disability and death in the developing world.

Since 2003, Project Medishare has performed hydrocephalus surgery on hundreds of children, at no cost to their families. It is one of the most highly demanded services we offer in Haiti, as parents from all over the country bring their children to Hospital Bernard Mevs (the only hospital that offers hydrocephalus treatment) in search of help and relief.

In addition, Project Medishare -- in collaboratin with board certified plastic surgeons, nurses, medical school students and plastic and general surgery residents -- provides vital, life-altering treatment for pediatric and adult patients in Haiti suffering from a variety of congenital and acquired deformities, including:

  • Cleft palate;
  • Soft tissue wounds;
  • Congenital and acquired hand deformities;
  • Craniomaxillofacial trauma; and
  • Burn wounds/deformities.

Please help us continue offering specialty surgeries to children and adults free of charge by making a donation today. 


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